Introduction TK-1:

Introducing TK-1 by Connect 4 Engineering, the next generation e-bike upgrade kit. We have specially designed this for people worldwide who cannot afford a new e-bike or currently available e-bike kits. Other companies who are producing e-bikes are very expensive and usually pricing out customers in their price range. If a person cannot afford a bike or car, how can someone buy an electric bike that is more expensive than a small hatchback car? And what if someone has a bike but are intrigued in purchasing an electric bike? That would mean, the bike would either get sold to someone else or not be used ever again.

Why TK-1:

TK-1 is sustainable which means we can convert most of the ordinary bikes in the market into electric bikes without losing or wasting any unused and old bikes. We have made it very affordable for any cyclist or individual to upgrade their bike with a universal kit. Instead of purchasing a new e-bike, you are upgrading your bike and adding value to your ordinary bike. TK-1 is designed in a way that it is easy to install and remove without changing or damaging the original bike build.

First Reactions to TK-1, Our UKIPO approved Retrofit Kit!

Key Features:

key features are of TK-1 and what makes our mechanism unique from the rest out in the market. Here are our proudest features which we have tirelessly researched and developed on:

  • Up to 25kph purely on motor power and much more with peddle assist mode.
  • Pedal assisting mechanism to increase your speed and efficiency.
  • 250W, 350W, 500W, and 1,000W DC powered motors based on allowed limits and legislations.
  • Power transmission mechanism which boosts the power to your cycling experience.
  • Power supply 24V, 36V, or 48V based on demand, battery size, and mileage.
  • 10,20 or 30Ah battery compatibility for longer distances.
  • Power regeneration technology that recharges the battery itself.
  • Compatible with various power supplies and charging technologies e.g. quick/fast/swap charge.
  • Hybrid technology combines peddle assist and electric power.
  • Rechargeable batteries to keep your e-bike ready for the next ride.
  • Plug and play battery, easy to replace, or swap.
  • Excellent mileage giving you a range between 20 to 100 miles dependant on the speed you travel.
  • State of the art battery technology system.

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