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Welcome to Connect 4 Engineering, we have been established since 2016 where we research and develop innovative solutions to improve our day to day lives.

Meet the visionary leader driving innovation at Connect4Engineering.

Bobby Singh

Our team consists of highly dynamic, innovative, qualified and experienced engineering experts who are capable of dealing with a broad spectrum of issues and are readily available to solve clients’ problems. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients, where we have solutions bespoke to the problem.

About Us

Connect 4 Engineering


“To provide a home for engineering challenges and help create a better future. Keeping in mind the philosophy “Each one, teach one” to grow in terms of human resources and spread useful knowledge to the engineering community.”


“To achieve a trustworthy position in the market as well as in clients’ hearts. Strengthening the roots of the industry. Becoming a center for engineering solutions worldwide”​

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We are leaders, thinkers and makers at your service.

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Connect4Engineering fosters strong relationships, ensuring collaborative success in every project.

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Excellence at Work: Where Connect4Engineering transforms challenges into solutions seamlessly.

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At Connect4Engineering, we fuel innovation and creativity to engineer groundbreaking solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

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Connect4Engineering (C4E) is a complete engineering house devoted to providing state-of-the-art technology services and solutions to our clients whilst operating with efficiency and economy. Our mission revolves around client satisfaction.
Our success and growth depend on our ability to earn new clients and maintain their retention. C4E emphasizes greatly on addressing a pleasant and cooperative environment for clients. C4E takes pride in providing out-of-box innovative solutions which come through intense research and development. We work on customer’s ideas and convert into tangible things.
C4E is the best platform to transform today’s civil structures into a world of strength and durability. Our state of the art CAD & FEA services enable the customer to convert their concepts into reality.


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Sheds for different outdoor uses, our experts are not only experienced in designing steel and concrete structures, but they also have unique skills of designing structures of high-strength light-weight FRP composite members. Such structures are portable and easy to assemble and are often used in emergency situations.
Some of our structural design projects are:
• Straight and skewed bridges with composite steel beams and concrete deck
• Pre-stressed concrete beams for parking garages and bridges
• Pedestrian bridges for multi-story buildings
• Support structures for solar panels
• Skylight structures
• Sheds for different outdoor uses


In the service life of a civil structure (e.g., a building or a bridge), a point comes when the signs of deterioration (erosion, cracking, sagging) start becoming prominent. Consequently, a decision is to be made if the condition of this structure is good to use or not. But at the same time, the decision of discarding a structure may not be economically viable. At this stage of not-too-new, not-too-old structure, the technology of structural rehabilitation plays its role.

The C4E structural rehabilitation technology can prove very useful to enhance the service life of such structures by at least 20 more years with the help of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials. The carbon fiber is extremely lightweight but possesses very high strength, whose fabric-layers can be bonded to the exterior of a structure to enhance its strength and service life. Apparently, the technique is as simple as fixing a wallpaper but needs very lengthy and meticulous calculations in addition to the precise hands-on skills. It is a relatively new technique and very few people in the United States are experienced in it. The method is being successfully used for rehabilitation of bridges, school buildings, multi-apartment residential buildings and is becoming increasingly popular because of being an affordable and efficient solution. We believe that this expertise of our consultancy may save a lot of capital costs in terms of augmenting the life of existing structures.