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Introducing TK-1 by Connect 4 Engineering, the next generation e-bike upgrade kit. We have specially designed this for people worldwide who cannot afford a new e-bike or currently available e-bike kits. Other companies who are producing e-bikes are very expensive and usually pricing out customers in their price range. If a person cannot afford a bike or car, how can someone buy an electric bike that is more expensive than a small hatchback car? And what if someone has a bike but are intrigued in purchasing an electric bike? That would mean, the bike would either get sold to someone else or not be used ever again.

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Why TK-1:

Why TK-1


TK-1 is sustainable which means we can convert most of the ordinary bikes in the market into electric bikes without losing or wasting any unused and old bikes. We have made it very affordable for any cyclist or individual to upgrade their bike with a universal kit. Instead of purchasing a new e-bike, you are upgrading your bike and adding value to your ordinary bike. TK-1 is designed in a way that it is easy to install and remove without changing or damaging the original bike build.TK-1 is a hybrid design which provides true pedal assist technology from 0 to 100% at the flick of a switch – allowing the rider to tackle hills or uneven roads on demand, but whilst still being able to use it as a normal cycle at the same time.Power is delivered from the motor through the pedals which does not interfere with the DC motor, providing true pedal assist technology, and avoiding any energy losses. Check out our YouTube page for more reactions…..

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Key Features:

TK1 has been tirelessly researched and developed exclusively all in house, to bring a truly revolutionary and unique product to the market.

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