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Connect4Engineering provides vital support to startups in their early stages, facilitating their growth and success.

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New Generation Rail Road Ties​

Although EPCs compromise a class of high-strength light-weight materials that can be used to make railroad ties as per specifications of AREMA Manual of Railway Engineering, manufacturing of such members is a challenging job. At Connect4 Engineering, we have developed an efficient and cost-effective method to manufacture EPC RR Ties.

Automatic Silicon Filling Machine

This innovation is related to automation of the caulking process through a device which contains a feed system for even caulking and reducing the time per meter. This caulking machine has a flexible nozzle at the bottom so the required space is filled with caulk with dimensional adjustments. This device has mechanical arrangements to setup any caulking cartilage for the required use.

Industrial Dust Collector

Paper dust is an inherent problem in jumbo reels of paper. A dust collection hood has been specially designed for such cases which is capable of removing all kinds of dust particles to give a clean environment on the shop floor.

Industrial Turning Head Design

Our researchers are designing and testing a unique portable micro-hydel phone charger not only for the residents of remote areas but also for travelers and adventurers.

Power Assisted Bicycle

We have developed a unique award-winning power-assisted bicycle, highly efficient and follow a unique mechanism. It has a brake energy regeneration system.

Portable Bike

This is the most in-demand 2-wheeler for daily commutes. Portable, lightweight, made of metal or CFRP. Low cost, efficient and long-lasting. Travel anywhere and everywhere.